QSA Events

If you would like to participate in fundraising activities, please contact our office to discuss the details of the proposed event, and any resources that you will need.

QSA Week at Friends School

School launchThe Friends School in Hobart recently welcomed the visit of QSA Education Officer, Aletia Dundas. During the week of 19th to 23rd April the whole school participated in what has come to be known as QSA Week. The week included fundraising activities such as a pancake day, and a grey day where students wore free dress in exchange for a small fee.

At year Gatherings, and with smaller classroom groups, students heard all about the work of Quaker Service Australia and participated in some of the activities that appear in the new QSA Education Kit. The Education Kit, entitled "Food, Water and Land: Fundamental Human Rights" was launched at a Gathering of Yr5 and Yr6 students.

Photo: Aletia Dundas and Yr5-6 Gathering launch the kit.

Open Garden October 2013

Over $3,000 was raised by Friends in Canberra, led by Kay the former Convenor of QSA Management Committee, and Lainie and David who kindly opened their garden as part of the Open Garden Scheme. A wonderful display of colourful plants and fine weather drew a crowd of over 550 people to the garden, who eagerly purchased refreshments, plants which Lainie and David has potted up, and handicrafts from QSA’s project partners in India and Cambodia.
Our grateful thanks to the many Friends who helped make this weekend such a success in so many ways.

Open Garden 2013 - Quaker Service Australia

Photo Credits: Robert Howell

Other events that have taken place recently have been recycling of furniture in Hobart; sale of hats and tea cosies in Perth; the much loved Op Shop in Adelaide; the monthly stall in Sydney and a whole lot more besides. Friends we encourage you to not only fundraise for QSA but let the office know beforehand so that we can support your event with posters etc, and afterwards with some good photos and information which we can share on the website.

Hats at the Darlington Arts Festival WA

Photos above are of the glorious hats decorated for the QSA stall at the Darlington Arts Festival WA - Thank You WARM!

Thanks to everyone who has taken part in such events. We know they take a lot of time and energy to organise, but for QSA's project partners, the difference these funds make cannot be under estimated.