Living Gifts 2016-2017 catalogue out now

High School India

Living Gifts are the economically and environmentally appropriate and sustainable way of gifting.
Let's continue to see QSA's project partners improving their quality of life with living gifts that they have identified as most meaningful for their own communities.

Download pdf version of the Living Gifts Catalogue 2016 - 2017.

To order a Living Gift online and receive a giftcard you can give, simply fill out and submit the for below.

Living GiftsTree seedlings, Tamil Nadu. Your donation will provide five tree seedlings for a household, to encourage communities to replenish cut-down forests. $25

Chicken farming in Cambodia. This gift goes towards training and supplies of vaccinated chickens for rural families in Cambodia to start chicken farming. $30

Breakfast program, Uganda. Primary school students often have to walk great distances to school, without breakfast. This gift provides a breakfast at school for a child for three months. $30

Improved water supply and equipment, Cambodia. This gift provides greater access to water, either from reinforced well collars, water storage tanks or pipes and hoses to get water to vegetable gardens. $35

Food garden set up costs, Uganda. This basic set of garden tools, some seeds and seedlings will enable them to set up their own home food garden, using the knowledge gained during the training courses provided by the project. $55

Living Gift - Water tanksWater tanks for school gardens in Uganda. This gift will enable a school to capture and store rainwater for use by the students and teachers. $75

Living Gift - environmental educationEnvironmental education in Tamil Nadu. This gift provides staff and resources for school students to learn about their environment and how to care for it. $50

Living Gifts - in memoryIn memory. This card is in memory of your loved one, with you choosing the amount of the donation to be made to QSA for its development work. ANY AMOUNT

Living Gift - support where it is needed mostSupport where it is needed most. Please nominate the amount to provide, and QSA will put the funds to the best possible use. ANY AMOUNT

Living Gifts - Carbon offsetsCarbon offsets. To help offset your environmental impact, this gift of any amount will be used for tree planting for long term growth in Tamil Nadu, S. India. ANY AMOUNT

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