Statement of Purpose

The purpose of QSA is to express in a practical way the concern of Australian Quakers for the building of a more peaceful, equitable, just and compassionate world. To this end QSA works with communities in need to improve their quality of life with projects which are culturally sensitive, as well as being economically and environmentally appropriate and sustainable.

About Quaker Service Australia

We develop partnerships with projects that work towards the Millennium Development Goals, that involve local people and that increase their capacity to earn a living. We work with partners that are representative of and have the support of their local community, and who work with integrity and transparency.

The principal way in which QSA carries out this role is by conducting and/or financing projects which express and fulfil this concern. The finance for doing this comes from both Quaker and non-Quaker sources, including overseas aid funds made available to QSA through Australian Aid.

QSA will not participate in any proselytising activities, or permit any of its funds or resources to be used in this way. It will not permit project resources or funds to be used to support terrorism in any way or a political party, or to promote a candidate or organisation affiliated with a political party in their party political activities. QSA is committed via its development projects to work towards the achievement of human rights for the communities (including the children) it comes into contact with and to advocate on behalf of all communities in this matter, and will not restrict its development work to a particular faith or religion.