Management Profile

February 2014

Garry Duncan Sydney - Treasurer

Extensive experience as high school geography teacher and business studies teacher in New Zealand and Australia, year adviser and with a keen interest in student welfare and restorative justice processes. Currently employed as faculty officer and researcher. Has served for 3 years on the Friends’ School Board of Governors.

John Dundas Sydney - Member

Retired bank officer and senior computer systems project manager.

Mary J de Merindol Sydney - Member

Has worked as an activist, political reformer and social justice advocate, with a particular concern for refugees and asylum seekers.

Miriam Goodwin Sydney - Member

Is a consultant specialising in change communication and organisational growth, mainly in the research and finance sectors.

David Cooper Sydney - Member

Solicitor (retired) with many years’ experience in general law practice.

Henry Esbenshade WA - Member

Has extensive expertise in dryland agroforestry and maintains his commitment to overseas development assistance since being a US Peace Corps Volunteer in Sierra Leone.

Topsy Evans SA & NT - Member

Has served QSA as a monitor for projects in Cambodia and Vietnam, written AIDS education project material for long term project in Cambodia, served for six years on the former QSA Indo-China sub-committee. Currently is the manager of the Quaker Op-Shop in Adelaide, a successful fund raiser and vehicle for outreach.

Richard Gibbons Sydney - Member

Extensive administrative and human resource management experience.

Anne Herbert Victoria - Member

An adult educator who has worked in a range of roles in Australia, Asia and Europe, and is actively involved with Quaker work in Europe and Australia.

Jasmine Payget NSW - Member

Environmental educator, working with local communities through local government. She is an advocate for Asset Based Community Development to enable local people to create improvements for water conservation and biodiversity, particularly with Aboriginal, women’s and ethnic organisations, and neighbourhood centres. Jasmine previously worked as an equal employment opportunity officer, changing systems to reduce discrimination. She has a keen interest in affordable housing, peace and support for East Timor. Has attended a study tour and undertaken some work for QSA.

Rhoda Dorrell (Qld)

Alex Nicolson (ACT)

Beverley Jefferson (Tas)

Kyle Purnell (Young Friends)

AYM Presiding Clerk ex-officio

AYM Secretary ex-officio


Public Officer:

Michael Morrissey

Experience in workplace health and safety management roles across a variety of workplaces including manufacturing, transport and government. This experience is supported by membership of Safety Institute of Australia and tertiary qualifications in business, human resources, OH&S as well as training and assessment.